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The Herbalist | The Herbalist Craft Beer
The Herbalist Craft Beer
The Herbalist, Craft Beer, Herbal Beer, New Zealand Beer
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Finely infused with
Our Beer
The Herbalist Manuka Ale With Fennel and Burdock | Herbal Beer | New Zealand Beer | Craft Beer

Ingredients: 500ml (1pt 0.9 Us Fl.oz) of Water, New Zealand Malted Barley, New Zealand Motueka & Cascade Hops, Fennel Seeds, Manuka Leaves, Burdock Root & Yeast.
The Herbalist Rosemary and Liquorice Ale | Herbal Beer | New Zealand Beer | Craft Beer

Ingredients: 500ml (1pt 0.9 Us Fl.oz) of Water, New Zealand Malted Barley, New Zealand Motueka & Cascade Hops, Rosemary and Liquorice herbs & Yeast.
The Herbalist Nettle & Bilberry Lager

Ingredients: 500ml (1pt 0.9 Us Fl.oz) of Water, New Zealand Malted Barley, New Zealand Riwaka, Motueka, and Kohatu Hops, Bilberries, Nettle Leaves, Honey Bush Tea, Angelica Root, Liquorice Root, Fennel Seeds & Yeast.

Ingredients: 500ml (1pt 0.9 Us Fl.oz) of Water, New Zealand Malted Barley, a Fine Selection of US Hops, Horny Goat Weed, Fennel Seeds & Yeast.
Our Story
In ancient times Women crafted beer for their menfolk to keep them strong. So it’s fitting that THE HERBALIST has been created by a woman inspired by her beau. She blended her knowledge of herbs gained as a Medical Herbalist & Naturopath to create a truly remarkable range of full-bodied ales for every occasion.
Finely infused with
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Instagram – theherbalistnz

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